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Prices are valid from 9 November 2023 and include GST

Standard Lesson - $88 (1 Hr)

This lesson is focused on addressing the competencies outlined in the Learners Log Book.  Skills in low risk driving are taught, practised and refined.

Lesson + Assessment - $132

(1½ Hrs)

This lesson is for the learner nearing the end of their 120 hrs and ready to attempt the P's test.  A written copy will be emailed to you to see how they are progressing.

Lesson & Test Package - $220

(SNSW Test Fee not included)

This package is a 1 hour lesson before the Test, your instructor accompanying you to SNSW for the P's Test and use of the car for the Test.  You will then be dropped at home/school/work at the end of the Test. Please allow 2½ hours for this package. Remember: You must pass the HPT before you can book a Driving Test.

10 Lesson Package - $800

This package can be used over the period you are on your L's or in a very short period of time.  They can be used as 10 x 1 hour lessons or longer lessons to the total of 10 hours.  A payment plan is available for this package only.  Please call or email for the details.

Extended Lesson - $132 (1½ Hrs)

This lesson is for those learners who have logged some hours already and want to go further, do more and be challenged.

2 Hour Lesson - $176

The 2 hour lesson is perfect for those who are ready to move to the next phase of their driving.  They will be asked to plan their destination/s and return.  This may be used for night time driving.  Please note the lesson will start 30 mins prior to sunset which then ensures the daylight to darkness transition.

5 Lesson Package - $425

These can be used as 5 x 1 hour lessons or broken into longer lessons to the value of 5 hours.

Night Lessons

(sunset to sunrise)

Night driving is the period between sunset and sunrise.  Night lessons may incur an additional fee. Please enquire when booking.  The Learner is required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of night driving, bonus hours are added to the total hours NOT the night time hours. See page 112 of the Learner Log Book for an explanation.

Safer Drivers Course - $140

The Safer Drivers Course comprises  2 Modules.  Module 1 is for 3 hours and is a theory based module.  Module 2 is a 2 hour drive in the car with another learner and a Coach.  Module 2 is NOT a traditional driving lesson.  The learner must have logged a minimum of 50 hours of actual driving, (includes driving lessons, however not the bonus hours), be under 25 years of age and hold a NSW Learner Driver Licence to be eligible.  More information is on the page titled Safer Drivers Course.

Further information:

For information on the Older Driver Assessment,  Wiseman's Ferry Package or Blue Mountains Package please phone or email us as these are tailored to your individual needs.

If you require information in relation to the licence conversion or manual conversion please contact us.

We are happy to pick/drop off at school, work, home or sporting venues.  Please arrange this at the time of booking.  Please note: Whilst we are happy to accommodate this, we can't always guarantee it will be possible.  Time constraints such as after school, traffic and distance will determine availability.  Please discuss this with Peter at the time of booking your lesson.

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